About Us

Handmade with a piece of the Maker

Each Kay Whitsundays piece is handcrafted by Kaylene Bennett herself, with a combination of passion and awe. This passion for creating beautiful pieces and awe of the natural beauty of her surroundings combined with the power of the Hill Tribe silver and gemstones she selects injects a rare energy which is carried into every piece.



Strengthening the world with gemstones and handcrafting

Gemstones are believed to deliver countless health benefits and there’s no better way to achieve this than to wear them. Kay Whitsundays’ gemstone pieces are handmade with only the highest quality gemstones to deliver maximum health benefits.

Kaylene understands first-hand the healing power of crafting something with your own two hands; especially using nature’s natural healers; gemstones.

She first started creating jewellery in 2012 after she was diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma. Facing the prospect of brain surgery she knew that she would not be able to sit idle during her recovery; so started visiting bead shops.

Handcrafting her pieces became a much-loved distraction, and motivated her to attend her first market in Broome just ten weeks after surgery. The rest is history... 



Propelled forward with support from our customers

At Kay Whitsundays, we're extremely motivated by the love and support of our customers. Whether these are through our market stalls or online; it means so much that others appreciate our creations. It continues to drive us forward and continue to deliver inspiring pieces.

Much time is spent searching for the perfect materials with which to create. Our favourites are gemstones, Hill Tribe Silver, sterling silver and waxed cord. Every single bead is hand selected to ensure each piece of our jewellery is perfectly imperfect; just as nature intended.